Leadership Development Workshops


Education Leadership for Collaboration

University of Aruba; Center for Lifelong Learning presents:
Educational Leadership for Collaboration, a certificate professional development program
We are now in the second cohort.  This program could be adapted to other university settings. 

Educational Leaders for Today
Leadership requires both deep personal reflection and the capacity to engender collaborative action with clarity, compassion and effectiveness. The Certificate for Professional Development (CPD) program in Educational Leadership for Collaboration presents a multidisciplinary approach to educational leadership focusing on collaboration as a new way of ‘doing business’ in constantly changing school settings. The purpose of this program is to provide professional development for educational leaders (current and emerging), enabling them to be effective, innovative and collaborative in their organizations by tapping into personal and collective reservoirs of symbolism, myth and wisdom.

Specifically, the program covers four competency areas: 1) personal growth, 2) inter-personal and facilitation skills, 3) organizational development, and 4) creating a culture of collaboration.

The 9-Month Program Consists of:

  • Four 3-day on-site face-to-face seminars with international faculty.
  • Action-research projects in the school-setting.
  • Monthly on-site facilitated interaction with peer group for reading material integration and practical application.
  • Three individual coaching and mentoring sessions with faculty online.
  • Interactive learning, personal and shared inquiry, group research and a practicum where concepts and methods are applied.
  • Assessment through class participation, short reflective papers, an action research project, and a portfolio of collaborative work in the school.

Onsite sessions provide in-depth instruction and practice of authentic leadership skills. Individual and group coaching sessions help participants integrate and apply their learning.

This Post-Graduate Certificate program offered by the Center for Lifelong Learning, University of Aruba is a 15 European credit program (each credit is 28 clock hours) at a post-bachelor level.


The primary lecture/facilitator is Janet Sanders (leadership, collaboration, community building, social artistry, international development).  Janet will be co-teaching with Robertson Work (innovative leadership, decentralized governance, policy research, environmental improvement, capacity development,), Douglas Banner (educational leadership, narrative, myth and legend, cultural change, educational research), and Skye Burn (deep psychology, leadership, dialogue, governance, conflict resolution).  Program support and facilitation will be provided by Juliet Chieuw (strategic planning, group facilitation and coordination, quality assurance, contemplative practices).  For the 2015 cohort Scott Miller was also added.  Aruban faculty are also being developed for the sustainability of this program

Seminar Times and Themes for 2015

Seminar 1: Feb. 26, 27, and Mar. 2 8:30 – 16:30

Leadership for Collaboration: Navigating towards the Vision of Education

Seminar 2: May 21, 22, and 25          8:30 – 16:30

The psychology of leadership in a complex and dynamic educational environment

Seminar 3: Sep. 17, 18, and 21           8:30 – 16:30

Embodying the new story of leadership for collaboration in theory and practice

Seminar 4: Nov. 12, 13, and 16          8:30 – 16:30

Sustaining a community of practice to create solutions collaboratively